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Arch Linux derivatives

Arch Linux is by far my favourite distro not least because its rolling-release update system means I'm always running the latest and greatest. However, setting up a graphical desktop system and installing some base apps is boring and tedious work. So whilst installing it onto my Macbook Air (Mid 2013, "6,2") I decided to forgo that busywork and check out the distros that have done that for me. I'll be showing you two distros...

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My first Ludum Dare experience

After years of watching Ludum Dare from the sidelines, I decided to enter #32 and here's what I've learnt so hopefully you don't make the same mistakes. You can view my entry here.

After learning the theme at 2am on Saturday, I took a nap until 9am so I could be refreshed and creative when I woke up. I started working by 10am. Hence my first mistake:

1. Think about your Game Idea


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Git 2.3 Push to Deploy

Git 2.3 (Release Notes) was released today, bringing some exciting new changes. More importantly, it means an easier way to keep your server updated.

I previously wrote about a way to automagically update your site with changes to a repository. Now as long as your site doesn't require a build step you can update your site by pushing directly to your webserver.

You can enable this on your server with the following command.


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Updating a site using Github Webhooks

UPDATE: You might find this newer post more helpful.

A while ago I was making a small site with Jekyll, and my workflow looked something like this:

  1. Make changes locally
  2. Commit changes and push them to a Github repository
  3. SSH into the server and pull the changes
  4. Use Jekyll to build the new version of the site.

This got pretty old pretty fast so I decided to do something about...

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Hacking the iKettle

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the iKettle/WifiKettle. When you set it up it creates its own wifi network that you have to connect to, before you can use the mobile app to connect it to your home network (unfortunately 2.4GHz only). A bit clunky but hey it works.

Me being the geek I am the first thing I wanted to know was if I could make my own apps for it....

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