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Updating a site using Github Webhooks

UPDATE: You might find this newer post more helpful.

A while ago I was making a small site with Jekyll, and my workflow looked something like this:

  1. Make changes locally
  2. Commit changes and push them to a Github repository
  3. SSH into the server and pull the changes
  4. Use Jekyll to build the new version of the site.

This got pretty old pretty fast so I decided to do something about...

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Hacking the iKettle

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the iKettle/WifiKettle. When you set it up it creates its own wifi network that you have to connect to, before you can use the mobile app to connect it to your home network (unfortunately 2.4GHz only). A bit clunky but hey it works.

Me being the geek I am the first thing I wanted to know was if I could make my own apps for it....

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My New Home

I’ve got a new blog! It’s entirely static, being served with Jekyll and Github Pages.

I’m using the Lanyon Theme, but will adapt it so that I can put my portfolio up in the coming weeks.